File management

I’d like to exert more control over the files stored locally on my hub…  The power to more easily rename folders/files or shuffle things around… Is there a way to ‘interface’ with my hub say via my laptop?  is that a really stupid question?


Yep!  If the HUB is connected to your network, you can just map it as a network drive.  It should show up as a network location and you can also access it via the Twonky Media Server.

Now I just gotta suss out ‘mapping it as a netowrk drive’ and such…

Gah… Ya know… I used to know what I was doing with computer type stuff… then I blinked and 20 years went by… Now I feel like an ■■■■■!  LOL

Thanks for your help

Ain’t workin’ with a TRS-80 anymore!:wink:

I’d KILL to be able to play Invasion Force again! 

I noticed that you also have a post in the Network forum, that you are having trouble getting the network setup.  If you let me know what OS you are running on your PC, and what your stuck on, I might be able to help.

Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit…

And I’m not so much stuck as I just don’t know squat about networking…  workgroups and shared folders… it’s all greek to me

so far…