File management and backups

I suppose that the USB interfaces on WD TV Live are USB v2.0? (I haven’t been able to confirm that). Does anyone know if USB v3.0 is on the radar? When I first set up my WD TV there was quite a lot of rubbish in my photo directory, and I found that is is very slow to browse and delete the content using WD TV. I can browse directly from my MacBook to the USB-attached hard disk because the WD TV makes the attached hard disk available as a network share. But when I go to delete items from my MacBook I can’t because the system says they are ‘in use’. I suppose they are held open by WD TV. The work-around that I can think of is to attach the hard disk directly to my MacBook to manage it. I suppose when I reconnect it to the WD TV, the WD TV will need to rebrowse and recatalog it. My attached hard disk has a capacity of two terrabytes. It is far from full. I recently had a disaster and copy the data from the backup and the copy took FIVE DAYS through USB v2.0!

I wonder what backup arrangements people make to backup the attached hard disk? I was using free file sychronisation software call Ice Mirror, but I can’t imagine how long it would take in the WD setup, through the USB v2.0 and over the wifi network to a USB-attacted hard disk on elsewhere on the network. I would prefer backups to be automatic, rather than having to attach, when I think of it, a backup HD to the USB port in the front of the WD TV unit, for example.

Thank you for any comments on these file magagement and backup ussues.

If you want to use your drive for backups, and also to playback media files from your WD TV, I suggest you to have it plugged to the computer to do the backups, since it will be faster and more reliable, since the WD TV is designed to be a media player and not a backup solution.