File list refresh

I have an external drive attached. I renamed some files and deleted some others from it, but they continue to be listed. I tried to unattach and reattach, restart the device, and also delete the hidden files in the drive. But they continue to display. it’s really silly, and I cannot figure how to resolve this issue. can someone help me? Kind regards.

Try “Deleting” a File (preferably one you have a backup of) press “option” button your remote and select “delete”

This should force the List to “Refresh” … 

Press the Blue “home” button on your remote to return to Home Screen Menu …

You have to patient, wait a few seconds …(10-20 Seconds)

Eventually the front LED should start blinking and maybe also the LED on your External.

When it’s stopped / finished …

The List should be “Refreshed”

(Failing all of that … power off the SMP and Unplug it from the Mains Power … Wait 30 seconds … Plug it back in … and Power On. 

AKA. “Power Cycling”)

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. In the past week I saw the blinking led of the refreshing list (it happens also when you shut off the device with a long press) many times, but it seems the information of the deleted files remains there, stucked somewhere… 

Pretty strange …

Here’s another thing to “try”

I have a Main Folder named “MY MOVIES”  … which contains all my movies

if i rename a movie file or delete it and the file list does not ‘refresh’

i rename “MY MOVIES”  to “MY MOVIES2” 

then press blue home button … wait … wait … wait … until it’s finished blinking …

then the “MY MOVIES” folder should be gone and there should then only be a " MY MOVIES2" folder. (which should have all refreshed movies)

And of course … later you can rename it back to “MY MOVIES” after all the shenanigans are done.

What works for me. Once file is deleted and it still shows on the list, click on it like you want to play the deleted file. A message shows up saying it can’t find/play the file. After clicking OK it refreshes the list.

I’ve NEVER seen a file persist in the list after deleting the database files (the “hidden files”) the OP refers to.

But there may be a twist.  I think WD has changed the Media Library database functionality in the last few releases.

There’s a specific set of files that are important.

EVERY share will have a hidden .wd_tv folder.

But only ONE share (per WD device) will have a file called something like union_db_abcabcabcbacbacb  or something long.

THAT is the “MASTER” database file for the WD device, and that long gobbledy-**bleep** giberish is the MAC address of the specific WD device that’s using that file.

If you’re not deleting THAT one, it can cause confusion.

I deleted the hidden folders and long pressed the home button, and it worked. It’s still not clear to me what caused the problem, since it seemed the WD rescanned the share various times before. I also had a couple of error messages, but now it seems ok.

Thank you all.