File list not up to date on TV

Started to have an issue with my MyCloud 3Tb device. Over the last couple of weeks the tv’s that I usually stream to are not seeing the latest files. In fact, they seem to only see the file list up to a few weeks ago.

This problem does seem a little intermittant though. Sometimes they see more files than other times.

It’s really difficult to work out whats happening.

Surely if it’s a database issue then the file list would always be the same, but it’s not.

The two tv’s are different. One is a Panasonic and one is an LG. Both on the same network. One is wired and one wireless.


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What firmware are you running on the device?

Have you tried resetting the unit?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The firmware is v04.01.03-421 which the device says is the latest.

I’ve tried rebuilding the database from the web app front end and also turning off and on again. It sill seems to have set points that it delivers as a file list. If I look direct from windows7 the file list is complete and I can play the files direct to the PC. The issue only happens through the DLNA server.

I’ve also been into the Twonky server through the web port http://wdmycloud:9000/ and reset/rebuild also. Still the same issue.

It’s just really strange that if I reset the tv’s then on occasion I get a different more up to date filelist, sometimes it will be the current list but not so often.

Twonky has a media browser (top right of the Twonky UI).  See if you can see all your videos there.  That ought to reflect what videos are in its database.

If they’re all there, we need to think why the TV isn’t making them visible.

If they’re not all there, we need to think why twonky isn’t finding them.

It may be a file/codec type issue.

It may be a media receiver type issue.

You might find something useful here:

Thanks. Will check that too.
Also lots of videos going out of sync recently. They play fine on pc. Could be a codec issue.