File formats

apart from dvd, what format comes closest in quality terms to dvd?

Now because we have iphones, kindle for my lad to watch movies etc on hols, these all require mp4 format. Im using aimersoft dvd ripper and avs video converter so im ripping the dvd at the moment to a lossless vob and then streaming to wdtv, and then doing a mp4 for the iphone etc,thats creating 2 files so does anyone recommend a suitable solution so films are watchable on all 3 formats(tv,kindle fire hd, iphone).

On second thoughts i can drop the iphone format and all vids can go on the fire hd

Many thanks

Most people here make ISO files from DVDs – they are disc images files of the DVD (they can even be used to burn an exact dup DVD) and they play extremely well on the WDTV (just like the DVD) and can be streamed to PCs, etc. They are quite versatile and useful for making other media formats.

From blu-ray ISO files, I create MKV files that are playable on the WDTV.

With a $2 iPad/iPhone/Android app, I can stream many ISO and MKV files from attached drives to the iThings – also requires top end network and PC to do this well…   For most movies I want available on iPad, I create m4v files (an Apple type of mp4 file) using the free Handbrake to make much smaller files single for playing and/or streaming on iThings.

As for movies on a Kindle, if it is a modern color model, I presume the mp4/m4v files would work on it.

You could use Handbrake with x.264 to encode all your movies to MP4. With CRF 18 you should get transparency and save quite some space.