File Format To Save Space?

What would be the best file format to save space on my ShareSpace, when puting my dvds on it?



Tom, I use .iso fomat for all my dvds. Theyre easy to make and keeps all menus, titles, chapters, etc… If you want to save space I recommend using DVDSHRINK to compress those files to any size you want. Remember, the smaller the file, the lower the quality-especially on big TVs…

I hope this helps. If not, repost!


Thanks for the reply. It helped alot. I’ve just been puting the hold dvd in it’s normal format on it so, back to the drawing board. Again many Thanks!!!



I looked at DVD shirnk but I don’t see a way to make an ISO file. Can You Tell me?

Thanks Again:


DVDshrink needs for you to have an iso file already! If you want to create one you need dvddecrypter. 

Once you download dvddecrypter you can pop your dvd in and it will decrypt the movie and put it into an iso file.

Once you get that iso file you can use dvdshrink to shrink the iso file.

Does this make sense?

Go here for more info and screenshots!