File Failures during transfer from one External drive to My Book Duo

My apologies if my question isn’t in the correct category. I just got the new My Book duo and attempting to transfer files from existing Mac “Time Machine” drive to the My Book Duo…1.2 TB of data. Each time it works fine, then aborts on a corrupt file. How do I bypass the bad files so that the file transfer process continues? I’ve been deleting the guilty file and starting the process over. It takes 7 hours, and always during the next process, it finds another file and I have to repeat the process. I’d just like to skip over the corrupt files. Thanks!


How are you trying to transfer the files?

I just did a right mouse click, Copy, on “My Pictures”, or “My Favorites”, then went to the new 8TB external drive and did a “Paste”. What method would you recommend? “My Pictures” contains 70,000+ files and ~1.2 TB of data.