File doesnt have program associated? Unable to eject USB files in use? No Multimedia controller?

Hi Guys,

I am not very good with computers.  But my PC windows 8.1 started bringing up a warning everytime I plugged in My Book external drive,  A box would appear with the USB drive letter at the top and then state that this file does not have a program associated with it so either install one or if it does make an association with it in the defaults programs control panel?  When looking into the device management it shows the PC has no Multimedia Controller???

Then when I try to eject it comes up with another warning that it is still in use and ensure all files are shut down, which they are…

I went to the WD website and thought I should do the firmware thing as my hard drive is prob 4 yrs old… I did copy all over prior luckily, as it wiped everything and now the PC won’t even recognise my external drive it acts like it isn’t even plugged in.  But now I plug in a HP external harddrive and it is doing the same thing.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  I also think it is now not recognising our Ipad … I am not game to retry though… is it this mulitimedia controller thing?  Can I fix my WD drive or just dump it?


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If you have an HP hard drive behaving the same way then I am inclined to believe the issue may relate to the actual computer as opposed to your hard drives from different brands. For testing purposes, do they also present the same error message in other computers?