File deletion

I just set up my 2TB cloud, and uploaded photographs to it from my Galaxy phone.  I have since deleted those photographs.  The cloud shows the file name, but I can’t access them.  I recieve an error  stating that the image no longer exists.  Anyone have any idea of what I’ doing wrong?

Accessing them via what app?

Using the WD my cloud app.

You say you uploaded them from your phone to your My Cloud using the Mobile App. What share and file did you upload to? Are you sure they had finished uploading? Did you look at them before erasing them from the phone?


When you say erased, was that from your phone Gallery?


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cat0w (USA)


cobra78606 wrote:

Using the WD my cloud app.

Yeah… That app has sometimes trouble getting updated it looks like. Happened to me where I copied files from one folder to another and it was not properly updating. Tricky because if looks like the operation doesn’t happen.

Shutting down the app and restarting it typically solved my issues there.