File corruption errors on iSCSI

Setup: EX2 (FW v2.11.178) with 2x 4TB Red WDs in Raid1 with an iSCSI 3.5TB partition with CHAP enabled. Static IP with 9000B Jumbo Frame enabled. System/Disk tests report no issues. NTFS formatted and chkdsk reports no errors. Win10Pro.

Problem: Transferring large Macrium Reflect backup files (150GB to 300GB) appear to be corrupted when they land on the EX2. If I run a MD5 checksum on the original file on my local PC it differs running the same check on the EX2. I’ve tried several times and only once did the MD5 checksum match.

I’m at a loss as to what to do. Right now I can’t trust the EX2. Any suggestions? Thank you.