File backup keeps source file path in target drive?

I am backing up a MyBookDuo to a MCM via USB. MyBookDuo is plugged into MCM via USB.

Let say I have a movie on my MyBookDuo in MCM/MyBookDuo/MoviesTV/Public/SharedDocumentary.

If I set a backup to place that movie into MCM/Public/SharedDocumentary this is what I get…

Movie is placed into MCM/Public/SharedDocumentary/MyBookDuo/MoviesTV/Public/SharedDocumentary

Why is the folder structure staying during the back up? I should be able to pull up a file 10 layers deep on MyBookDuo, back it up onto the first layer of my MCM and not see the 10 layers of folders. Any ideas? Never seen a backup retain existing folders like this.

Side note. The MyBookDuo is set up the way it is because I just backed up the referenced MCM to it, so I could change the RAID setup, now I am putting everything back.

Hi, the reason this happens is because you are using the backup feature, it will copy the file structure from the MCM to the MBD you are now copying the file structure you have on the MBD to the MCM. I would actually recommend you to move the files using the webfile viewer, it would be a little more time consuming that using the backup feature, but the files will be where you want them.

I suppose I’ll slap that on the list of things I do not like about the MCM. Thank you for your advice, but the webviewer is just to unreliable. I have yet to get it to do a whole transfer without failing.

So would using the Synchronize feature do the same thing? Any idea? Webfile viewer freezes and gives strange errors about files being renamed or folders not being present. Would have to copy file by file to get Web viewing to work, for 5tb’s of data.

What about synchronize?