File Access Issue

I updated the WDTV LS to the newest firmware (1.04.12) after having issues with the previous version, as well.  I have no NAS hooked up and am not connected to any wired/wireless network.  The unit boots up fine and I can see the local USB drive with the media files.  When I start a movie, it works as it should but after a certain period of time (>15 minutes or so) if I stop the movie, the sound continues playing but the video does as it should in going back to the previous folder.  I can then navigate around as normal but cannot start another file as the audio continues from the previous file.  If I try to get back to the original video, it appears as it should but the circular spinning disk access symbol remains.  This also happens if I finish a video and try to select another (without the sound obviously) video, the spinning disk just hangs and nothing works. If I power down and restart, it works as normal until the issue starts over.  This issue happens with all types of usb media.  I am using an HDMI connection.

This issues makes it unusable as I have to reboot every time I watch something.

Please help!  Thanks.

You might have a bad WD TV, if this is happening with all your files and any USB drive.

I have the exact same issue with both 1.04.12 and 1.05.18. Once I am watching a video for a few minutes and I pause, stop, etc. I can no longer play any other media files until I reboot and get a file not supported error. This SMP is brand new and I had the same problem with the 1st rev of the WDTV Live.

I normally stream over a wired network from a QNAP NAS, but this will also happen with locally connected storage. I have HDMI connected to an Onkyo receiver with video set to 1080p60 an audio set to HDMI pass through. I have media library disabled. I’ve tried all kinds of settings and just can’t figure this out.

Anyone else have this issue and figure it out? Anyone with similar variables than me experiencing this problem?

Doing some testing based on some other things I have read that having LLTD speaking devices on the network could be causing this. I have removed the network connection from the SMP and am now 27 mins into a 1080p h264 MKV with DD 5.1 sound on pass-through. Usually by this point if I have paused, reversed, forwarded the playback I would have seen an error and been unable to play anything further until I rebooted. I did a network mapping from a Windows 7 machine and saw only one device respond with TTLD in a packet capture, which was my Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver. If this current test goes well, I am going to try streaming from my NAS again with the Onkyo removed from the network. Can’t believe all the crazy bugs WD manages to work into the WD TV firmware.

It appears the issue is now resolved for me, and the problem seems to be with my QNAP NAS. It looks like having Auto Router Configuration (UPNP) enabled under MyCloudNAS caused this issue. With this turned off, and streaming from the NAS over the network, I haven’t seen this issue happen again.