Fighting with movie name recognition

I have about 40 movies which I was able to get the WDTV to recognize most of.

But then there’s a couple it won’t recognize and create xml’s or metathumbs for and they are two of the most popular movies of all time… Star Wars and The Phantom Menace.  I’ve tried naming them half a dozen times, clear the media library, rinse and repeat - nothing.

Also I have The Dark Knight and The Avengers but I want them to be in sequence with the other movies in their series.  So I renamed to “Batman 06 The Dark Knight”, and renamed the XML and the datathumb.  XML still works (because the backdrops still work) but the meta thumb just shows a blank tile.  Same for The Avengers renamed to “Marvel 06 The Avengers”

Words of wisdome for me?  Thanks in advance.

It can be a weird glitch I’ve come across before. Go back to the Mochi (stock) theme and see if it shows there. Then return to your theme.

Just use a jpeg.

you could also try downloading and using WDTVHubGen and do all the work from your computer it will rename the movie with year of release, create an xml and jpg image for you.