Fiber Optic Crossover cables

I have a 2008 Six bay Raid Drive. Product # GSPD-fc 35/4.5 or G-Speed FC 4500GB. S/N: 08370019 located on the back of the G-Drive, or S/N: AS10070063 Located on the bottom of the G-Drive. The orange crossover cables I have, do not seem to be able to go deep enough into the two FC channels on back of the Raid Drive. Have been told I need a Fiber Optic (FC) card, which is inserted into my Mac tower. Need basic help to get things working, and finding firmware upgrades.

Hi JohnHenry ,

Maybe you should try contacting G-Tech’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact G-Tech Technical Support

I did contact G-Tech support before I posted this inquire. Was informed, that G-Tech no longer supported said item, and no information was forthcoming. Which I found rather odd.