Ffmpeg for mycloud gen1 and gen2

Hi there,

I have MyCloud 6TB (Gen 1) and 8TB (Gen 2), hundreds of movies spread everywhere. I am trying to write something to find all movies and save its location, file name, metadata in a file. The problem is the metadata, I need to extract video / audio properties such as video resolution, codec, running length, audio steams , codec etc, the simplest way is to call ffmpeg but is there any MyCloud compatible version available?

Or any other suggestion?


search chroot in the forums, I have it installed on my gen1.
Or go Here!

Good Luck!

I think libav is already installed (which creates the media thumbnails and such) – libav is a “fork” of ffmpeg (sorta. It’s a long political story).

These libav things are all C libraries… I need a standalone executable binary so it can be called from script,

this is probably overkill for my case… not very confident by playing Debian, I am sure I will very likely brick my NAS by doing so…

I recommend installing entware following [APP] Aria2 and Entware for WDMyCloud Gen2

FFmpeg is in the repository but I’m not sure if it works.