FF/RW on VOBs makes them unplayble (major bug, easy to reproduce)

When I use FF/RW in sequence on VOB files they stop playing altogether (I get a frozen image).

Any attempt to play the file again results in a black screen.

The only way to get the file to play again is to perform a system reset.

This bug is easy to reproduce and SHOULD be fixed in the next firmware.

I don’t have this problem and I play a lot of VIDEO_TS folders and VOB files. Are you networking or playing from attached storage?

No, I’m playing from an attached drive  - try to concurrently FF/RW several times in a row on 4x or higher speeds then  press play - the video will freze.

Just tried it and no problem here. Playing a VIDEO_TS of a Chinese film. Even kept the subtitles in sync.

It’s a known bug already mentioned on other forums. It apparently happens when you FF several times in a row.