Few Questions. New user

I’ve just purchased the WD TV live and I just have a few questions. I’m going to be using my external hard drive to play my movies off the wd tv. I see a lot of cool themes on the forum. I was just curious to see how to install, use the themes and since I will be using my external hard drives to play my movies (MKV files) will the data for the movies ( imdb information) show up automatically. Also if I use different hd’s to play my movies/tv shows will I need to set up a folder structure for this to work. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Once you have set up your shares on the SMP, the system will have a shot at scanning for metadata, but quite often will fail if the MKV file name does not closely resemble that on the online database, or if there are duplicates.  In which case, navigate to your film and press ‘options’, and then ‘rescan’, and you will be presented with a search facility to locate your movie.  See my guide below.  Might help.