Few questions iso with menu and usb


Iso with menu plays fine on local drive,

but can i play iso with menu from a shared drive on my pc?

Also, will my wd passport drive power down when I trurn off WD HUB?

It seem like the light on the passport always stays on.


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Playing ISOs across the net:  Sure.

Shut down drives when put in Standby:  No.

Shut down drives when the unit is OFF:  Yes.

So when you say I can Play across the net, do I need twonkey enabled?

Twonky has nothing to do with PLAYBACK.

Twonky is only for serving files ON the Hub to something else.

thanks…so I dont need to waste my time with that.
so I had ripped a dvd to iso with dvdfab and also slysoft products
I can play iso with menu when on local hub drive, but I can not see the iso on pc drive. I can see and play mkv fine, but not the iso. Not sure what I need to do…

You’re actually using NETWORK SHARE as described in your first post, or are you using MEDIA SERVER?

I am using media server. I am not sure what the difference is.

Well, you just discovered one of the differences…  Media servers don’t support ISO.

so i just have to map a network drive on my pc?

I think I got it thanks to you.

Learned a bit too…

Thanks for leading the way.


Hi all

Newbie here.

I’ve read on some older posts about the iso playback issue (Post which are now closed for comment) Can anyone tell me has there been a fix for the problem of playing an iso once, then all of a sudden not being able to play it or any others?

For the record I rip my iso’s with AnyDVD & save them to a WD drive on my network. I have the following folder heirachy;

Drive: Bucket/Public/DVD/then all the iso files are in here (I did originally have them all in their own seperate folders but couldn’t get the meta ifo to show up so I dragged them all back to the DVD folder.

One thing I’m not sure is related but prior to having these iso playback issues I did update the themes & installed “Anodised” but I don’t know if that’s related or not. Anyway, this is very frustrating as I love the AnyDVD speed of ripping an iso as opposed to ripping to another file format, iso is much quicker than anything else & when working I love the ability to have all the menus etc act just like a normal dvd.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I’m going nuts with this issue.


Mik (aka SG)

I forgot to add, there seems to be issues with the most recent firmware release & mosts posts mention rolling back to previous versiosn, how do you do that?

I suspect it would be reset in settings? If so, is it possible to stipulate which version you want to run?

To Roll Back:


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Thanks for the link. So can I assume that the iso issue is still ongoing & no fix is available yet?

As the iso issue is the reason I am considering rolling back what would you advise the best version would be to roll back to so I don’t get the iso playback issue?



As far as I know, the bug you’re referring to was fixed a long time ago.