Few questions if i may

I was in Best Buy today and i was going to pick one off these (WD TV Live Plus) up but decided to google around a bit first. I havn’t been able to find concrete answers to these. 

Question 1: Can this device upscale a 720p mkv to 1080p for a 1080p TV or downscale a 1080p mkv to 720p for a 720p TV? Or does it rely on the TV to do this? (I have both a 720p and 1080p LCD TV. )

 Question 2. What would the player do if it was connected VIA HDMI and fed an mkv with DTS-ES. I’m pretty sure the player can downmix normal DTS to stereo, I am also pretty sure DTS-ES contains normal DTS within it. I run both of my TVs with 2.1 PC speakers connected VIA the headphone jack. I have no plans to buy a receiver…

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1.  All scaling is done by the WDTV;  your TV stays at whatever resolution you set the WDTV to when you set it up.

  2.  The WDTV can bitstream DTS-ES, or downmix it to 2-channel Stereo, depending on your hook-up.

Thanks :smiley: