Few Issues with my new WDTV SMP


I am what you may call a more seasoned user, this is my 5th media player. Quite impressed with this little box, it can do so much for so little money. Perhaps it attempts to do too much, my problems:

NFS connections are negotiated in UDP, 8k blocks, this turns out to be way too slow, much slower that SMB connections on the same box. The WDTV will not attempt to negotiate TCP transfers if UDP is not available from a given NFS server.

HDMI connections are not re-negotiated when the connection changes - I use HDMI matrix switch and would like upon detecting connection change for the WDTV to re-negotiate the sound decoder capabilities. As it turns out once negotiated the parameters remain till the box is switched off.

Media Library functions rely on RW access as it attempts to write its data to the actual shares, centralised media library location would be nice, I do not want WDTV to write here, there and everywhere.

Finally - the management of network shares, this is perhaps the biggest problem foe me and a real show stopper.

What were you thinking WD ? The share assignments are way too simplistic, no permanent mounts, no path assignments in shares, no mount options , no place to see the current mount assignments.

This is a real mess that was not thought over properly, I have a number of servers and services that I want to connect to and having to connect them each time and then dealing with the navigation down the tree is a real pain in the …


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I agree on these points :slight_smile:

The hdmi re-negotation lack is the biggest issue for me.

As for the network management, I don’t face the problem as I use only 1 server. But I think you may workaround this by using the media library and favorites.