Fed up WTDV user - 2 units and poor experience!

New to this site - I’m about to give up and replace my 2 WDTV live devices.

I have a unit wired in the lounge and a wireless unit (Linksys USB) upstairs. When they work they’re great! but I seem to have endless problems. When I use the latest 2 revisions of firmware the unit will hang when I have finished watching *anything* and press the HOME button to browse another media player server I have running - or try to scroll through the one I’ve been watching. This behavior is the same if I browse my Netgear readynas, Playback for the mac or TVMobil running on Windows 7.

Any ideas guys? I’ve even tried a 3rd party firmware on one unit but then I generally needed to power off by removing the power plug (but at least I can play, stop, look at another media server and play something else).

The firmware seem terribly buggy? I have a Sony bluray player and an xbox 360 which access the same source DLNA media servers (and all though they don’t play the range of codecs) they work perfectly fine where the WDTV just hangs.

Terribly frustrated - can anyone recommend a good media player? :wink:

You don’t give enough information to make an informed diagnosic. 3rd party firmware contains the idential firmware as WD official. Most of the issues you briefly present have been addressed  in the forums. I would suggest having a read through the networking section of the forum. You may find a resolution.

Networking? it just has DHCP and all other devices function perfectly? I’ve read through at length but couldn’t see anything remotely close to addressing the problem - hence asking the question. Does the WDTV have known issues with DHCP use?

Just an update. Tried DHCP, tried static and still the units hang when I browse media folders then click home and try to select another media server - the WD then reboots.

When I rollback to firmware 1.2.21.V this problem dissapears and I can play/browse/etc.

Any ideas why the latest 2 firmware revisions are so buggy causing the WD to hang/reboot?

“I have a unit wired in the lounge and a wireless unit (Linksys USB) upstairs.” - Model numbers of the network adaptors would be a start.

WDTV live x 2. One is wired using cat5e cable to a DSL-2740B. The other is Linksys WiFi N Usb (on approved adapter list - or do you need the number?).

Do you need the model of the WDTV Live? Using last 2 revisions of firmware WD hangs simply scrolling through the menu gui. When I revert (as above) to earlier firmware problem is resolved.

Rolled back to 1.4.10-V … seems okay thus far – no hanging/freezing in gui. Fingers crossed. :neutral_face:

Are you behind a firewall or using a virus checker? Confirm dsl-2740b port forwarding is open: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DSL-2740B/DSL-2740Bindex.htm Also check the dsl-2740b defaults on the link page. If ok; it sounds like residual artifacts from the previous install. (they do happen) Reset the WDTV Live and manually set up the WDTV Live.