Fed up with wdmycloud

Is anybody else fed up with mycloud drive and the system setup with windows?

  • I cannot view it on the network, but if I enter \wdmycloud then I can see it.
  • If I try to enter into a share, it comes up with “Enter network credentials”
  • The web browser hangs when I try to login to the admin panel on my local network.
  • The app is slow
  • The browser for “https://idp.mycloud.com/…” doesn’t show all the shares on the left hand side.

This really isn’t user friendly. How any non techie person could ever cope with this is beyond me.

Enter “service.msc” check this, check that, do this, enter that…
unshare this drive
share that drive
check these credentials
restore computer
restore cloud drive thing
You need to view secure share before a public share else it won’t work. WTF?

OMG, is there a better cloud system available than this? Oh yeah, One drive with 1TB allocated to me! Oh and it auto syncs without crashing or glitches.

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I moved to 2 Seagate Personal Clouds—no regrets.

That’s a fault with Windows, not MyCloud.

MyCloud has enough problems of its own, without blaming it for Microsoft’s failings.

Where WD have failed is not explaining that Windows limitation in the user manual. You have read the user manual, right…?

Nope. Single bay My Cloud working just fine with multiple Windows PC’s (XP, Vista, 7, and 10). Often the problem comes down to your Windows PC not being configured properly for local network access of other devices on the local network.

Things to check…

  • Make sure the My Cloud and computers are using the same IP address range (ex. 192.168.1.x).
  • Make sure all devices on the local network are using the same workgroup name (ex. WORKGROUP).
  • Assign or reserve a static IP address for the My Cloud within the router’s administration DHCP settings section.
  • Make sure “IP isolation” or “WiFi isolation” isn’t enabled on routers that support those features.
  • Make sure WiFi devices are not connected to the “guest” network since guest networks tend to be isolated from the rest of the wired network devices.

See the following discussion and pay particular attention to Windows 10 Specific Method 1 through Windows 10 Specific Method 5.

The other problem some experience and blame the My Cloud is the Windows limitation of allowing only one My Cloud User login to Private My Cloud Shares on that Windows PC.

Also, read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) if you haven’t done so already. It has general information on how to setup the My Cloud and use the various My Cloud options/features.

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I connect to mine just fine with both windows and linux hosts, using both SMB and NFS respectively. Works great.

(I also got iSCSI working, but that is not a sanctioned feature of the consumer grade hardware. Still works great that way too.)

I dont bother with netbios name services, or other such frosting. I have mine set with a static IP in a reserved pool, and address it using that IP. Very reliable. The only major drawback (aside from the absurdity of the indexer, the lack of zram backed swap causing issues, and the like) is the lack of a soft-off button, or feature; the box is very hard to safely down without WD’s software. (Best I can do is reboot it over SSH, then quickly turn it off while still in the boot loader when I see the LEDs flash.)

Is that the user manual that says plug it in and go.

Any idea why when using any browser on any computer on my network, the “wdmycloud/” desktop / control panel, just hangs… for typically 10 minutes minimum, before I maybe able to look at the settings such as users, shares, backup settings etc.

No; that’s the user manual that consists of 104 pages of instructions.

What web browser(s) are you using? If using browser extensions or add-on’s try disabling them and testing access to the My Cloud Dashboard again. The WD Knowledgebase article on how to access the My Cloud Desktop:


My My cloud unit is a useless pile of junk. It is 100% unreliable. One day you go to check and it appears it has backed up any data in months. My attempts to update the firmware have failed every single time. The smart ware application does not see the MyCloud on the network even though my computer can see it. The My Cloud dashboard does not connect to it. It is almost impossible to check to see if you files have been backed up. I have read articles on line that indicate western digital is completely aware of these problems but saw fit to sell this defective product. Western Digital, please tell me how I can receive a complete and total refund for this defective product.