Features That i want WD My Cloud App to Have

i used My Cloud Mirror and idevice My Cloud app and loved it but found some lacking features that are necessary for our business needs.

—>Sharing files via email: when i share with email i want to see a visible url link that i can share with customers so that they could see in web browser. I DONT like hot links because it DOES NOT show url thus i can not copy and share the link itself. we service mostly seniors people i want to make it simple for them to see their service reports online. ( i want something similar like using DropBox or Copy or One Drive online storage services where i can share or generate a link than i would shorten and create QR code and below it a short url link- so people with idevices could scan QR code and senior people type short url online and see their reports: Pictures, videos, documents)

—> Editing feature. i would also like to have editing feature that would allow me to edit previous customers reports and update thew with updated data. Formats id like to have edit feature for formats: Word Document, Excel, TXT files, on iDevice and be able to create these files on iDevice and upload on the WD Cloud.

—> Formats unsupported: id also like for My Cloud app to be able to SEE and UPLOAD Voice Memos Recorder Audio tracks to My Cloud via app which uses “m4a” format.it also seems like MIDI files unsupported. Also web Browser URL links dropped off with PC the My Cloud app does NOT recognise it and dont want to open urls or links.

–Is it possible to make ALL Files visible on iPad or iPhone (pictures, videos, Audio, PDF, iBooks,ePub, Excel,HTML, Links and other formats if possible