Feature Requests

I thought I would create a thread for a wish list of features and changes folks would like.

I suspect these are going to fall into two main categories: features for attached USB drives, and features for network shares. I am only using the latter at the moment. From what I can tell from the documentation, the WDTV Live is more feature-rich for the USB drives.

I suggest that when people reply introducing a new feature request, they change the subject line to cover that feature. Folks can then reply to various features instead of putting comments into the generic Feature Request heading. Then we can get some focused discussion going on various features instead of one big hodge-podge thread.

What about adding IMDB movie information? If the folder structure on the attached disks/network disks confirms to IMDB movie name standards, go grab the movie info, movie thumbnails etc. -erling-

Yes, things like xbmc use the IMDB information very effectively. RIght now, with the WDTV it’s a real pain getting thumbnails for movies with the network shares.

burnbay wrote:
What about adding IMDB movie information? If the folder structure on the attached disks/network disks confirms to IMDB movie name standards, go grab the movie info, movie thumbnails etc. -erling-

One feauture I’d like to see is more refined file browsing. Why isn’t there a compendium view with the file shares? It would be nice for the wdtv to index the file share and present the library. As it is, I have to go in through the folder hierarchy.

And even there, it isn’t that well implemented. Whether I go in via Videos, Photos or Music, all my files of every type are shown. I’m all for having an All Files view that does that, but surely if the menu is going to be broken down by media type, if I go in via one of those choices I should only be presented with that type of file…

Regading YouTube, I think it would be great if YouTube channels can be accessed. e.g. one can type in a name of a YouTube channel and the videos uploaded by that channel are displayed with the latest video first. With regular YouTube users have a subscriptions area, so if my subscriptions can’t be implemented on the WDTV Live version, I think entering channel names of users one is subscribed to is the next best thing, and would be useful if someone doesn’t have a YouTube account.

I suggest stop this thread and include another link to the other suggestion thread

Thank you for the suggestions!

I want to make sure everyone knows that we’ve got a dedicated space called the Idea Exchange for submitting ideas like these – and voting on ideas others have submitted. The Idea Exchange is intended to give great ideas more visibility and help Western Digital understand what our customers really need. It’s new – try it out. We’ll read all ideas submitted there, and let you know our plans for addressing the ideas that get the most votes.

To add your idea, click the New Idea button on the Idea Exchange page (example shown below).

For more information about using the Idea Exchange, please see this thread:  Ideas


Add Support For More Video Streaming

Metacafe, Vimeo, Megavideo :smiley:

If we have a share that allows write access, then there is no reason why the WDTV can’t treat them the same as USB mounted media.  That way we could add shares to the Media Library and gain enhanced sorting/searching.

I derive 100% of my content from my network shares, of which some are quite large, so I really need to be able to search or at least sort by other means; such as by date!

I’d love to see this too, so I’ve added an entry in the Idea Exchange:


If you’d like to see it too, please vote for it there.

I’m sorry to say but I believe the ideas exchange and feature requests is a waste of time - Check out the feature requests on many other forums for other products / other companies, and it falls on deaf ears - it’s not uncommon to see forums like that get crammed with amazing ideas but never do they become reality, don’t take my word for it look at how long it takes to release a firmware and the little things added mostly small f ixes…so why waste time posting features and requests when they will never see the light of day - WD only takes into account very small things EASY for them to fix, but new feastures - no - I’ve read the ideas & exchange forum and I can bet that the 99% of those IMPORTANT features will not be added - Some features requested requires major changes to the firmware, so don’t count on that - and the majority of the features requested SHOULD HAVE been included in the first place !

GO TO function is one of MANY examples…DVD menu support - I mean what kind of box allows you to play DVD but not support menus ??? they should have licensed the specs from the beginning - people would have gladly paid more to get something COMPLETE, not something half baked and unfinished.