Feature request

Hi I’d please like to request 4od and ITV Player please so we can watch UK catchup TV in addition to the current BBC iPlayer. Thanks if you can please add these.

SDK is available, go ahead and code it up - let us known once you’ve finsihed

I’m about to pull the trigger on picking up one of these little players and NO ITVplayer or 4OD is a deal breaker for me.

Any idea when the two players will be available or is there another way of getting both of these media players on to the WD box.

Any feedback much appreciated. 

No idea … if, WD are planning to add ITV Player or 4OD

Since both are available on Android devices … i guess you could “Miracast” it to a WDTV

(Miracast aka Screen Mirror from your Android Phone/Tablet to the WDTV on your Big TV)

remember, this is a user to user forum … so, you’re not gonna get any “inside information” on what WD are planning on / or developing on for the WDTV

if they add it … they will announce it   (if they don’t, then they won’t)