FEATURE REQUEST - USB-eth0 driver integration


I hope that question has not been solved yet, but I couldn’t find any answer yet.

I would like to request the WD team to integrate usb ethernet drivers into the my cloud OS5 Debian.

The gbit interface is truly outdated by now and it would be really great if we could just plug in a 2.5 gbit or 5 gbit USB adapter. QNap has already shown that it works.

Link aggregation is of course an alternative, but I found it to be very cumbersome and requires one to transition to 10 Gbit managed switches that are very expensive, energy consuming and quite unnecessary in a private or SMB setting.

Is there any chance you would consider adding the feature to our PR4100’s?

Thanks a million,


I didn’t buy the adapter yet, not knowing which chipset would be supported by MyCloud OS.

Most 2.5 gbit adapters use Realtek chipsets, QNap has a Maxwell. Not sure what chipset is used by the PR4100, would guess Realtek, so maybe easier to use a Realtek usb 2.5 gbit

I would not hold my breath.

“Bleeding edge” are not words I would associate with the WD NAS lineups.


For giggles, I went to Amazon and typed “router”. Only one reference to 2.5gb wired ethernet - - on a $600 router that had 21% 1 star reviews. (and I am pretty sure the 2.5gb was for the WAN port, not the main intranet ports). I saw a few routers that were not even 1gb capable.

Honestly, I think most “home” users are wireless these days. . . .

Unless I’m mistaken, I seem to recall that the PR4100 (x86_64) Linux kernel includes kernel module drivers (r8152.ko) for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 based USB ethernet adapters. If not, kernel modules are trivial to load via the command line, or even via shell scripts.

I’ve built many custom Linux kernels for the PR4100, so I know the process quite well. Later, I’ll look at the OS5 kernel config and see exactly what kernel module drivers are included.


Thank you so much!! Really great news if that is true.

Looking forward to your next post my friend :wink:

The 2.5gbps is RTL8156 for USB adapters

I was mistaken. The Linux kernel shipped with OS5 does not have support for USB networking devices enabled by default.


However, the OS5 Linux kernel is based on the official Debian Buster toolchain, which means USB networking device drivers can be enabled, but that requires compiling a new kernel, or compiling the appropriate standalone kernel module and installing it via the command line. It’s possible you may find it online, but a quick search didn’t turn up anything.

I’ve been developing a number of apps for OS5, and may create a drivers app for popular devices (when time permits), but there isn’t much demand, so it hasn’t been a high priority. Currently, I’m somewhat bogged down with taming the OS5 dashboard to make it more intuitive and useful, but the source code is a mess, so it’s an extremely time-consuming process.