**FEATURE REQUEST** Proper Web-GUI Input Sanitations

Please upgrade the password requirements of your web interface to include the use of all the standard special characters. At the very least all of the characters that are permitted by people’s computer login accounts. If I can’t set my user:password to match my Windows user:password, then automounting my shares without supplying additional user credentials is not possible. It also reduces security by requiring users to create passwords that have far less possible brute force combinations.

The reason these characters are not being permitted currently is because your web interface developers are being lazy and not properly sanitizing the inputs on the web-configuration panel as to not cause conflict and corruption of the internal configuration files.

This is a bad practice to maintain.
Proper input sanitation practices should always be adhered to.

Do we not remember the SQL Injection vulnerabilities that left thousands of websites and databases open to attack some years ago? It was because of non-proper input sanitation.

Simply removing user’s access to those characters is just a bandaid over an uncorrected underlying issue.

@Sumarious This sounds more like a suggestion/idea and you may want to post it here.