Feature Request-photo screensaver

Thanks in advance for considering this:

I have 4000 pictures from a trip to China. Every time I play some music, the screensaver starts from the beginning, and I see the same 100 photos over and over. Is it possible for the screensaver to “save its place” and continue the series after I put on new music?

As a quick example, I play music and see photos 1 to 100. Then I play something else, I would like the screensaver now to start at photo 101 and continue on.

Thank you very much, I love this product!!!


At the moment, that’s not possible. Not sure if the development team still works on new ideas for the WDTV media players.

Try putting the folder through Advanced renamer to change the file number, eg xxxxx.jpg to xxxxx+4000.jpg for the first 100 photos, next time it will start 100 photos on.