Feature request . Option to disable the Weather & Clock

Regarding image burn on Plasma and CRT displays ,the options to turn off the “weather and clock” or any other static image is a feature that I would like.  Or maybe someone creating a theme  can add this feature.  Anyone else concerned about image burn-in ?

Thanks !

Image burn is no longer an issue for plasmas; CRTs?  Sure, but not plasmas.  There are multiple technologies that mitigate this.  On modern plasmas the image is shifted constantly and imperceptibly.  The seal of the actual pixel chambers (where the gasses are held) is leaps and bounds over what it was back in 2005 when I paid $3K for my Panasonic 50" plasma.

If I WANTED to burn an image in my plasma, it would take about two days of ultra high contrasting colors left in place with the safeties turned off.  Now I’m getting older and forgetful, but two days with a Canary Yellow box in the center of my plasma just ain’t gonna happen.

My six year old plasma has not a trace of an image anywhere on the screen and I have two kids; one of which has special needs and watches the same high-contrasting, low quality videos (the worst for a screen) every day; and they have been inadvertently left on the screen for hours.



I fully agree with this thread and comments made by the members, I too have a Plasma TV ( Samsung HPT4254 42-Inch Plasma HDTV) and while this TV has Image Burn protection by shifting pixels every so often to avoid burn-in, I still feel that WD must provide a option to the user to ENABLE/DISABLE the Weather and Clock in the setup menu, This will make the GUI especially in Gallery mode even more attractive with backdrops without having to see Weather and Clock information each and every time.

Having said, For people who can tinker with XML files and Modify the theme you are welcome to use these XML code as reference to minimize the effects of BURN-IN on their beloved PLASMA Panel

1. inc_time.xml  – Original Mochi Code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<image image="@@info_time_icon" x="1064" y="39" w="48" h="48" bg="1" scale="100"/>
	<image image="@@info_time_bg_icon" x="1113" y="39" w="112" h="48" bg="1" scale="100"/>
	<text text="@@info_time" x="1129" y="45" w="92" h="36" align="center" fontsize="32" textcolor="0xffffff"/>

 2. inc_weather.xml  — Original Mochi Code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<image x="893" y="39" w="48" h="48" image="@@info_temp_bg_icon" bg="1"/>
	<image x="893" y="42" w="48" h="40" image="@@info_temp_icon" scale="100" bg="1"/>

	<image image="@@info_temp_text_bg_icon" x="942" y="39" w="112" h="48" bg="1"/>
	<text text="@@info_temp" x="934" y="45" w="126" h="36" fontsize="32" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter"/>

 While I personally cannot suggest what is best for each individual user as their background can be different , If you are really  inclined to resolve this BURN-IN issue, this posting will help you decide what color or background best suits your needs and or completely disable the clock and weather ICONS by commenting and or modifying these lines of XML code found in the Mochi theme or Legacy theme.

For the CLOCK / TIME ICONs I suggest that you comment the background icons - these are represented by these in the code

"@@info_time_icon" and @@info_time_bg_icon"

So that that the big black background is eliminated and then change the font size and text color to match your favorite background image by tinkering with this line of code from Inc_time.xml 

<text text="@@info_time" x="1129" y="45" w="92" h="36" align="center" fontsize="32" textcolor="0xffffff"/>

For the XML color code sheet please refer this page: << XML Color Codes >>

As for the Weather is concerned I would do the same treatment but make the icons smaller (I love to see the Weather ICONS) as they are pretty

Comment this @@ Parameter to eliminate the black background


and reduce the Size of the Weather ICON so that it looks small and cute

image="@@info_temp_icon" scale="50"

Then pick your favorite text color and font size and modify this line of code from the XML color sheet   << XML Color Codes >>

<text text="@@info_temp" x="934" y="45" w="126" h="36" fontsize="32" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter"/>

If you feel uncomfortable and feel faint in heart :neutral_face: in editing these files please DO NOT attempt anything and put in a feature request for WD to enable / disable TIME and Weather from the Setup or options menu


With best wishes