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hi all,

i’m quite happy about my WD TV live, but, there are some thinks that  what is missing (from my point of view)  to be a best player :

 * functionality to go a specific time of movie, for example if i write 1:00:00 the movie is starting to play at the time ( i have some small player that have this functionality and it is very useful).

* the  maximum speed in forward or rewind is 16x ( i think can be done better).

let’s take this thread like a feedback from consumer.


The official policy from WD is to ask that all user requests be posting in the Idea section (link directly above).  But first do a search in case it’s already been suggested (in which case you should vote on it to “hopefully” bring it to WD’s attention even more).

Fully agreed.

However there is a feature helps a little bit that I just discovered reading the funny manual… :smiley:

While playing a movie, first press “FF” (>>) and the movie will start fast forwarding at 2x speed.

While in this mode (FF 2x), you can then press “Next” (>>|) to advance 10 *minutes * or “Prev” (|<<) to go back 10 *minutes*.

This feature doesn’t really replace the “go to time” function, but at least it helps in moving forward in long movies.