Feature Request: Email Notification Modification

We’d like to see WDC add the ability to customize or append the stock email notifications that go out with some sort of unique identifier. Device serial number at a minimum, a user-populated field would be preferred.


You have 20 MyClouds at 20 different sites, all configured to notify you when something is wrong. As it stands, we have no way of knowing which site the device alert email is originating from, and we have to go investigate manually.

Thanks for the idea.

BTW: changing the unique hostnames to show what unit it is, would help. The hostname of each indiviual device is gibe in the header of the email like “Alert message from your WDMyCloudDL4101” with DL4101 is the hostname which I use - I have similar issue with several machines of the same model.

Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.