**FEATURE REQUEST** Ability to DELETE pre-installed Apps


I would really like the ability to remove the pre-installed apps that come on these devices.

You already have an app store where users can select the apps they want, why not just put the pre-installed apps on there and let users add and remove them as they see fit.

I don’t like the idea of having apps preinstalled and unable to removed that I don’t directly have control of. I don’t know these developers, I don’t know their qualifications, and I don’t know their level of scripting skills, and I’d prefer not leaving my data in their hands by being forced to have their apps on my system taking up my space and leaving me vulnerable to any possible currently undiscovered defects that may happen to surface in the future.


If I understand it correct, these pre-installed apps are part of WD’s Cloud OS. They were already there, but a previous update just made them appear as apps.


WD’s Cloud OS… Isn’t an OS. It’s just a web based control panel made up of scripts that interface with the underlying operating system.


I know it is a collection of scripts and Linux is the underlying operating system. The built-in apps were already there from the beginning. I assume you’re referring to the Amazon S3, Elephant Drive, iTunes and DNLA server. etc… They can be accessed from other parts of the NAS’s UI. It’s just that WD gave them entries in the Apps menu. I think the exceptions are the web-file manager and the three download apps.