Favorite Services not listed on Dashboard

Hello all,

I know this may be an easy answer to everyone… but I cannot figure this out.  I browsed and searched on the forums but found nothing.  I posted this a little bit ago but on the incorrect forum… apologies for the dbl post if anyone else saw that one.

I am unable to see any services in my dashboard.  I have set them up in the services TAB and still unable to see them.  I can access all other things, by filtering… but just not services.  Right before I filtered the dashboard all my services were showing up… after filtering I got nothing.

Any help on this would be awesome!! I have finally gotten this device up and running with everything i wanted picture perfect but this last thing is driving me bonkers.


Hi, try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second. Also be sure to have the latest firmware update installed.

Are you sure you have favourites highlighted orange in the dashboard. Filtering does nothing to favourites but it does move the highlight along to the right. Go up to the favourite, new item , queue, recently viewed row by pressing the up button. An orange outline box should appear, move that box to the left and select favourites. You must have the media library on and be connected to storage of some kind.

Thanks for the replies guys… i found the fix today.

I was using the darklight theme… and for some reason it wouldnt let me highlight the favorites.  Switched themes and no longer having an issue.

Everything else that was suggested I had already had completed so I figured I would try a new theme… glad i did.

But thanks again for the suggerstions.