Faulty WD30ERZX

I have just bought a green 3TB HDD and it is not recognized by 2 different computers ; neither by BIOS/UEFI at bootup neither by the OS through regular SATA connexions or when included in a Seagate Desktop + USB3.0 enclosure. I wanted to chek warranty with WD and when entering the serial number, the model is corrrectly identified but the status is “invalid serial number”. How can this be possible, the HDD was manufactured this year June, 5th? If you have an hint, I’m willing to read it.
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Double-check the Serial Number. Each “O” is actually a zero. The letter “B” can at likes look like the number “8” and vice-versa.

I have finally found the answer : the HDD was not directly sold by WD but either pulled from an complete system or from an external HDD, not necessarily WD… I hope the Ebay (re)seller will supply me with indications from initial system so that I can activate RMA indirectlly to WD. At the moment, unfortunate with WD HDD whereas I have met no problems with my last Seagate and Samsung ones. Regards,

If the unit was pulled from a computer (OEM drive) or if it was pulled from an external case then on either case the hard drive has no warranty with Western Digital. eBay is not listed as a certified/authorized WD reseller for a reason. I’d recommend contacting the reseller for a full refund.