Faulty WD drive support

Between us, my friend and  have bought three WD 1 TB Caviar Black internal hard drives. Not one has included the software needed to actually intialize and USE the **bleep** things. There is no way to create a primary partition of appropriate size so that Windows can be installed. A software disc should be included with each hard drive so that it can actually be set up and used for soemthing other than a paperweight. They are good hard drives but ONLY IF you can get the software. And you can’t get it from the website when you have no OS because the drive doesn’t come with an OS installed. WD should not assume that everyone has a working computer with a functional OS and webbrowser and internet service.

Well sorry dude but aren’t you planning on installing an OS at one point?

That CD will help you install the drive 

Do not remember when was the last time I received a drive with installation kit

i used to be a firm WD hard drive consumer but, when their support started to get… inappropriate, i went back to seagate drives n i’m sure glad i did!  i haven’t had any problems with any of their diagnostic software or their support! 

now i’m having alotta trouble doing a LLF w/some caviar drives, and their data lifeguard tools **bleep**!   idk who programmed the lasted versions of DLG tools but he/she needs to put themselves n the place of the consumer!!!  which they haven’t!!!

Hi I would like to know what makes anyone think a hard drive company should help you install a hard drive. If you dont understand how to install sata drivers and configure a drive you need a pc shop. If you dont read up and buy a 3tb drive that wont work in your pc its your fault dont cry about it next time read and find out what your pc supports. I want a plane but I dont know how to fly one well guess I wont get that then. Ya everyones a pc pro these days I guess.


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