FAULTY! WD Black 750GB 2,5" WD7500BPKT

Hello, I bought a month ago a new WD HDD 750GB 2,5" black. And now I have problems. from the first days I have a problem, time to time all tasks freezing, not responding for a few seconds. it can be at once in a day or it can be very offen in all day. I used before 2,5" HDD 500GB Black all was wonderful, but now work with laptop is terrible. at first time I thought that maybe something wrong with WIndows or drivers. but I tried to install few Windows Operation systems (xp32-64 with WD solution how to setup, windows 7 32-64bit, windows 8 release preview) and everywhere problem was the same. What can it be? unfortunate hdd? can it be changed by warranty? thank you.

What type of laptop do you have?

Check on the forums for the laptop to see if any problems when using large capacity drives


Intel Core 2 Duo P8700

Intel PM45

4096 MB, Kingston DDR3-1066, 2x 2GB