Faulty External Hard drive


I cannot pick up my external hard drive on any computer. It was working just fine. Then started taking well over an hr to eject, then struggled to open my files within it & now it does not pick up at all. I have had to remove the external without safely removing it, as it was taking far too long. When I tried to eject it, the icons opacity would go less and nothing would happen. Eventually force eject pops up automatically. I click on it and then it doesnt force eject. It just stays as is.

The light is on and the motor or fan inside is running. I have tried to reformat the external, but it will not allow me to access the disc as the opacity is dim (Im guessing this could mean that the disc is frozen)?

Any advice would be great.



Contact WD for replacement as per your description the unit is faulty. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

i agree you better call WD to file a RMA, if can still access you HD then try to get any important data as you can, coz all data will be wiped out once wd replace it…

does the drive show up in disk management?  if so, what color is the bar?