Fatal System Error occasionally when starting movies

I get the Fatal System error , system needs to reboot message on my screen occasionally when starting a movie . Sometimes after the reboot the movie will play fine and other times it freezes again and reboots .

Please help .

Running the latest firmware .

Can’t help ya, but I can say “Me, too…”

I’ve even had it happen right after it reboots.  Try to play that same file …  crash again.

But then it will work the next time.  

It’s a firmware bug.   I reported it to WD shortly after 1.06 FW was released, and they are working on a fix. 

Well you can add me to that list.  Is seems that a reset to factory defaults (while keeping all online login info and settings) will fix the issue.  But when I play an offending file it will usually work the first time I try to play it.  but if I pause it for too long and try to resume it in any way, it freezes with that fatal error, reboots then says the file is not recognized.  and I can keep rebooting until it plays, but I found it also affects other files as well…

so until  the update the firmware, the only solution seems to be to do the factory reset (but you don’t need to reset your online settings) and avoid the file that caused the issue.

Getting the same error here occasionally with 1.06 firmware.

We use the player every day and we get the error every few days. Re-boot seems to fix temporarily.

These are all with standard avi (xvid) files non-HD.

It’s close to the point where my wife doesn’t want to use the player if I’m not around so needs to be fixed asap!