FAT format required for direct transfer from SD card, or not?


I’m waiting for my 4 TB My Passport Wireless Pro to arrive, and shortly after will be leaving on a trip. I will only be using it on a Mac with High Sierra, and it will be replacing a regular USB3 external drive that had a GUID partition formatted in APFS. The WD FAQ recommends that I could do the same with this. My question of the Mac users is, if I do that, can the built in OS still manage to read the drive to perform the automatic backup of photos from SD cards to the drive when they are inserted without being connected to a computer? Or will I need to leave a partition on the drive formatted to a version of FAT so that the drives OS can read it?


Hi Top362nd,

Drive file format doesn’t affect the SD Card Import feature in My Passport Wireless Pro device. You can enable Auto Import feature from the dashboard which allows you to import SD Card data on the drive after connecting the SD card to card reader.