FastThumb™ Theme and Depopulated™ - With TRUE transparency

    Thumb caching going to give is promises result! Imagine I tell you that you can have different cover and background in WDTVLIVEHUB Theme. Look impossible, but FastThumb™ and Depopulated™ concept can do it. How? Let’s me resuming the great line of the concept, but you must have an average knowledge of WDTVLIVEHUB file structure and theming.

    For the moment all file/folder structure was stored inside “Opti” Folder with Media Library set to OFF. Hoping to move all structure into root, put media library to ON and find how to have DeviceFolder inside every page (I have test Joey DeviceFolder trick, but like he say, it’s doesn’t work in Gallery View). This file/folder structure:

  • OPTI

|---------+ MOVIES

          |--------- + IRONMAN (Movies Collection)

          |             |             Ironman 1.avi

          |             |             Ironman 2.avi

          |             \Edge of tomorrow.avi

          + TV

`          --------- + NIKITA (TV Serie)

                      |             + SEASON 1 (TV Season)

                      |                             Nikita S01E01.avi                            

                      |                             Nikita S01E02.avi                            

                      + Persons of interest (TV Serie)

                                    + SEASON 2 (TV Season)

                                                    Persons of interest S02E01.avi

                                                    Persons of interest S02E02.avi

                Now before introduce you in FastThumb™ and Depopulated™ concept, let’s examine the package.

_ Folder                                                         Description                                                                                                             _

FastThumb Template and Profiles       Templates and Profiles Folder, must be copied into Thumbgen


                                                                     File – Movies -> for all movies

                                                                     File – Episode -> for all TV Episode.

                                                                     Folder – Movies Collection -> For first of Movies Collection

                                                                     Folder – TV Series -> For first of TV Season folder

                                                                     Folder – TV Season -> For first of TV Season folder                                        

Opti                                                             Already thumbgen generate Demo Folder, must be copied inside the root   

                                                                    of WDTVLIVEHUB or USBDEVICE.                                                                             

FastThumb Depopulated                      WDTVLIVEHUB Theme, must be copied into WDTVLIVEHUB.wd_tv\theme

FastThumb                                               FastThumb tool generator, must be copied inside the same root of Opti

                                                                    demo folder.                                                                                                                

    How is work now? After that you generate all profiles with thumbgen. You get, for the moment, three stage of file: Cover, Cover Case and Background. That stage was applicable on and _Folder.

    The program read the THM file and recopy thumb inside .wd_tv\Thumb folder, for the moment no optimization file was apply (on progress). After that, we made some file date modification on video file.

    For the folder, once you depopulated your files or play with files. Folder thumb file date must be recompiled. For that Depopulated function can be used to fix folder thumb.

    The parameter of THM File was: Theme Wrapper Width, Theme Wrapper Height, Stage Name (must contain .Stage) and Optimization (0 None for the moment)

_ FastThumb.thm _






_ Recipe _

  1. Generate all file. (not necessary with Demo file)
  2. Close your WDTVLIVEHUB
  3. Start FastThumb (before start be sure to close all explorer pointing on your WDTV Drive)
  • A. Clear .mio_crawler_cache and extra .wd_tv
  • B. Clear thumb cache
  • E. Clear XML file in media
  • G. Backup Thumbgen database (.tgmd)
  • F. Clear Thumbgen database (.tgmd)
  • D. Trunc JPG Extension
  • J. Generate Cache
  • I. Transfert populate files (Folder fix Function)
  • N. Quit
  1. Open your WDTVLIVEHUB
  2. Select FastThumb Depopulated Theme
  3. Select Video
  4. Browse into Opti Folder and enjoy.


  • Movies folder was depopulated
  • Display was faster


  • Cover Case background have not the same brightness and contrast. Fake Transparency doesn’t work now.
  • No optimization for the moment
  • ThumbGen package need to be updated for reduce number of profiles and step.






If you have idea, question or you get enough strong to take part on a LASTRESORT Theme, just tell me.

sorry, but I don’t follow all of that

maybe some google translate going on or something

I think I know the devices pretty well, considering I create my own firmwares

but what’s the point of this?

are you just trying to make the device faster?

trying to make the thumbnails persistant?

maybe once the pic is appoved and visable it will make sense …

Sorry for image approval, I send it this morning and create post this afternoon… and sure it’s gonna make sense.

The Point:

  • Make every image independent to give layout flexibility.
  • Faster for a thing, it’s skip the generate step. When you change thumbnail, the HUB loose time to recharge thumb inside thumb cache folder (re-size it with little size). You can’t really make fast menu displacement once the cache was entirely loaded. The program generate cache folder for you.
  • Reduce HDD Space (not now, but after optimization features). With Media Library to ON, XML file was integrate inside Database, Movie/Folder JPG gonna be optimized and transferred to cache folder, TGMD can be backup and zipped into a file. Once all integrate inside DB and Cache, you can remove redundant file to gain space. OK, it’s maybe poor in gain but folder gonna be clean (no **bleep** inside, all everywhere)

If you want, Make a test!

  • The software only affect Opti Folder.
  • You can skip clean file process at worse
  • You can leave media library to on if you want.
  • No need to Thumbgen the thing.


I don’t know if you install or try the theme, bu I discover something…

  1. I making a test to patch BLURAY COVER CASE. It’s seem that the thumb was appears 150% more that bright that background. To patch that I was only fade (in photoshop) in thumbgen, the BLURAY COVER CASE background at 150% less bright. I have try inside thumbgen designer but, background become black and I’m loosing detail. I’m gonna resend pack later.

  2. After that, I’ve try to put directly a png in thumb cache, this one disappears because the format was not support.

  3. I’ve try also with a GIF… AND MIRACLE!!!


I’m gonna come back with a new package once my motel room gonna be complete… HAVE NICE DAY THEMER!!!

Nice NEWS!!!

PNG WORK, If Generated with Thumbgen… I’ve export with photoshop last time!