FasTrack+ in games = woeful lag

Had the N900 for two weeks. I play in an F1 2011 racing league twice a week.

I have the required ports forwarded, and FasTrack+ as default ‘auto’ mode.

So. After a couple of minutes of playing, a lag starts. It pauses for about 1/4 of a second, every 2 seconds. That continues for the rest of the session. Like clockwork.

My network traffic is clean. No other activity, and I take great care to make sure of that because online gaming is so important to me.

It has happened every time I place, since using the N900. The last year of playing on a bog standard D-link router has worked perfectly.

In tonight’s game it happened again. I left the game, disabled FasTrack+, rejoined and what do you know - absolutely perfectly smooth gaming for the next 4 hours.

At the end of the session I asked the guys to stay in the game for an experiemnt. Quit out, re-enabled FasTrack+ and INSTANTLY the lag returned. A regular pulsing lag pause every second that just never stops. Other players also reported that on-screen, I was lagging badly, jumping around the place.

FTR, I have a very fast 120Mbps connection with a ping of 15ms. I live alone, nothing else is using the network, I’ve run network tracking utils to be sure of that.

This feature clearly does not work in games (the ones I play at least) out of the box.

It actually makes games unplayable!

For such a hyped feature, and the reason I bought this router, this is just the biggest disappointment. Given, too, that the thing costs 4x most other routers it’s a heck of a let down.

Do we wait for firmware, WD? How much testing in games was actually done?

The otherwise excellent WD brand has been badly tarnished with this product, poor show guys. For me, in games, it’s been both a painful experience and a waste of many dollars.

Check if you have the latest firmware update.

Firmware is the latest - I check every day for an upgrade since I bought this and the issue began :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry for the trouble you are seeing here.  Gaming is pretty important to me too :slight_smile:  

Do you know if there is any video streaming going on while this is happening?  Is it possible to maybe test with only playing the video games while no other devices are using the internet to see?  Are you playing this game on the computer?  Also, which game or games does this happen on?  Which games work ok?

Have you verified that the WAN bandwidth setting is correct? Thanks ahead of time for this information, this will allow us to help.


Thanks Brandon, all your questions are answered in my OP. I’ve since returned the N900 as gaming was impossible with it.