Fastest way to put files onto the EX2Ultra (When I'm home)

Is there a direct physical data connection to to the EX2Ultra, rather than via the internet. If I am out and about, I can upload various photos, movies to my EX2Ultra using the internet/WiFi, that all works fine. But when I am home, in front of the EX2Ultra, can I cannect directly to it and add files that way? Thanks for reading!

Hi @Indigo_Sunhouse,

Please refer to the article My Cloud Home USB Backup and Compatibility:

OK. . .not the BEST reply.

Short answer:
Yes, you can access the NAS using file explorer/finder on your PC/MAC.
Simply put the IP address or device name in the address bar.

No access outside of your home network is required.

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Hello Keerti_01, your advice seems innaproriate. I am using the EX2Ultra. The links are for different devices, my device is in my title and my question. I am new to this so this advice from a WD staff member is somewhat disappointing. Unless I am missing the links within the links you sent that are useful, am I? Thank you.

Dear NAS_user, thank you. On my mac (if I don’t see the EX2Ultra connected in the sidebar) I use command - k to ‘connect to server’. In the address section I put ‘mycloudex2ultra.local’. From the window that opens I can drop files on to any folders on my EX2Ultra.

Simple, straightforward. I’m adding you as a knowledgable user. Kind regards.