Fastest transfer method?

what’s the fastest way to transfer data from PC to world book edition?  Wirelessly is exstreemly slow, and the USB port on the drive I was told for adding more drives only.  So someone please tell me the fastest way, moving music and movies take days at a time.  And I’m talking hundreds of movies, and thousands of songs, and let’s not even talk about photos.  The fastest thing to move are documents.  Everything else is slow!

I use the My Book World for backing-up another NAS that stores my 200GB of media.  I use MS SyncToy to manage the backup and do this over a gigabit wired ethernet connection.  My NAS, WD-MBW and switch run at gigabit xfer rates and the first backup took a few hours, incremental backups no more than 20 mins or so.

Hope this helps.

i need something to backup my other nas also or vice versa. ill definately consider MS SyncToy and was looking to see if WD Anywhere Backup would do the trick?!

Design flaw in my opinion that makes it inconvienent to transfer between PC and NAS.   Buyer beware…

You should buy a ethernet cable cat7. That way you get high speed transfer.