Fastest/best way do copy files from external drive to EX4100?

Hi, I’m wondering which would be the fastest/best way to copy some GB from an external drive to EX4100?

Option 1:

  • Connect external drive to PC (Windows) [external Drive (USB-3) <-> PC <-> LAN (Gbit) <-> EX4100]
  • copy via network share (smb)
  • copy via FTP
  • copy via SSH/SCP
  • something else? …

Option 2:

  • Connect external drive direct to EX4100
  • Backup USB
  • Push Button Copy
  • SSH on EX4 and use cp, rsync etc. to copy from external drive → target share
  • something else? …

Best regards.

Hi @AJO42,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: