Faster files transfer

WD EX2 is by giga ethernet cable connected to high speed wifi router giga ethernet port; please advise which connection method can achieve the highest files transfer rate. Mainly 40 MB music WAV files each and sometimes movie files. The PC as the controller will transfer these files by wifi method (802.11 AC, 867 Mbps link speed).

  1. PC HDD to EX2 (tested at 16-23MBps using TP-Link T4U USB 3.0 adapter 802.11 AC 867 Mbps, 1GB total files size transferred in less than a minute. I am using PC MS media player to convert CD songs to WAV files and stored in PC HDD. I noted that I can change the WAV files stored directly to ext HDD during conversion (will try later).

  2. Ext HDD (USB 3.0) from PC USB 2.0 to EX2 (not tested yet); justed installed pcie USB 3.0 card to PC but didn’t work out yet (power connect and disconnect problem of HDD.) This will add time to transfer from PC HDD to ext HDD

  3. Ext HDD (USB 3.0) connected to router USB 3.0 port (not tested yet)

  4. Ext HDD (USB 3.0) connected at EX2 USB 3.0 port (not tested yet)

(Alternatively, the PC can be temporarily relocated and connected to router or EX2 by direct giga ethernet cable connection (but less preferred, relocation is a “mess”, moving PC from different floors.)

Thanks for sharing… Hoping can do it efficiently and we can learn from you.


The last option sound like it will take less time. However, if you are copying the files using windows explorer, the information, will go from the ext hdd through your network and then to the EX2.

Now, if you are using the desktop app for the EX2, the transfer speed will be better since the info will go from the ext hdd to the EX2 without using the pc.

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RE: USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 - that’s what I thought, but apparently not:

How do you do your second approach (desktop app)?


ERmorel, thanks.

I take “desktop app” means the WD EX2 interface software, right?

Didn’t get you last sentence…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes, sitting at a place to do files transfer for a few hours is a frustrating moment. Surely, there must be a much faster way as a “standard” procedure.

Have you mapped your NAS cloud? It is a much EASY way to transfer files.

With the mapped cloud, I copied PC HDD WAV files and pasted to NAS. A faster wifi ac speed will do the trick.