Fast, then Slow


I have an MyCloudHome 8TB. I have noticed I can upload things to it quite quickly with the WD Discovery app, that allows the drive to be mapped as a Network Drive (at least it looks that way in Windows.)

Anyway, when I upload files to it using this, I usually get pretty fast connection speeds, Anywhere from 60Mbps to 90Mbps. However, after an unknown amount of time, it falls off. Then I can only upload at a maximum of 18Mbps to the MyCloudHome drive.

If I log-in to the Web Interface, and “reboot” the drive, it will allow me to upload at the original 60-90Mbps… then after a certain amount of time… lather, rinse, repeat.

Does anyone know what is causing this, and/or how to fix it?

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WD, any assistance on this? Seems like a common issue that is going ignored for many many months

I almost encounter the same problem in Windows. I can’t solve it as well. I find the reason might be related to make use of WD discovery. When I connect to WD my cloud by SMB in Mac environment and don’t log in by WD discovery, I can keep the copy speed in 75MB/s as guest user log in. I only keep the copy speed in 15-20MB/s in Windows environment as an account log in WD discovery.

In Windows 10, it works great for a few transfers, then it goes back down to some kind of crawl…

Since there is no way to set it up via Linux (Kubuntu 20.04.1) I have to suffer with this problem. Why do manufacturers still not care about the Linux community? Oh well, I guess… If I can’t have a working Linux utility, at least I can have a broken one for Windows.