Fast red flashing light

Ok, I bought a new computer desk, and had to unplug unit. A few hours later I plugged it back in, and all it does not is flash a fast red light. I tried to hit the reset button at the back, but that did nothing. I do have a network connection, I send an email for help to support, been almost a week and no reply, so I am coming here.

Thank you

I do not want to loose this drive, it has replaceable pics of my daughter that passed away and my grandkids.

What device do you own?

  1. Front LED
    The front LED on My Cloud Home devices is a single color, white. It is either on, off
    or blinks with a certain rhythm to indicate a specific “System Condition”. A “System
    Condition” list is outlined below in Table 1.2.

I have the MY HOME CLOUD one, the light is normally BLUE, but it is a FAST RED flash now, the manual did not describe it very well