Fast on PC slow on Mac

I have a PC and an MacBook Pro on the same network. both are wired to a Gig router. When I download from my PC to the MBL it does so at about 40 MB/s and when I download something from my MacBook it downloads at about 0.20 MB/s. It is so slow on the MacBook that I have not been able to backup my iPhoto Library (65 GB) which is the primary reason I bought this device. Has anyone a solution to this problem?

I am having the same issues.  I tried rearranging my photos on my computer with a PC - no problem.  On the Mac it takes forever to even preview the photos I want to move!  Any solutions to this?  Do I need to change my settings for “My Book Live”?

The same here, very slow from Macos and fine from Windows.

There have been some posts here on solving Mac performance issues related to AFP. There are changes you have to do to your Mac OS to increase performance. See this thread from the My Book Lvie Duo forums (look at the solution about halfway down the page).