Fast MBL GigaBit Connection

Hi all,

I noticed significant low streaming performace whenever I attempt to play multimedia files from my MBL.

As it stands, my mbl is connected wireless.

Assuming i purchase a gigabit switch, can anyone give an idea what the connection should look like.

Router cable to Gigabit switch

MBL cable to Gigabit switch

Laptop to Gigabit (Do I need to connect the cat cable from laptop to gigabit switch OR can I use wireless internet on laptop as it currently is to get the benefit of Gig spees)


You are only getting the speed of your slowest connection.  It like connecting a garden hose to a fire hose.  The fire hose can handle much more water than the garden hose can deliver.

So if your connection from your laptop is wireless.  Your max speed is 54/300 Mbps:

My laptop wired connection is 100Mbps, wireless is 54Mbps.  All I get to the MBL with CAT5 cable is 100Mbps or 54Mbps if wireless.  However, my Mac and Windows PC have 1Gbps wired connection so I get the full speed - Great for file transfers.  My Blu-ray player is only 100Mbps connected to my 1Gbps switch and plays video fine.

Streaming Video at 100Mbps over CAT5 seems good enough for me.  Wireless G has problems.

Either you have two topics going on at the same time, or I need to cut down my alcohol intake…

I have no problems streaming via Wireless G to tablets and laptops. However, it all depends on your network (area, interference, signal, etc) 

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Correct, wireless is a lot slower than wired, always has and probably will always be, at least in our lifetimes :smiley:

Theoretical speeds are: 

802.11b offered up to 11 megabits per second (Mbps)
802.11a and 802.11g offer up to 54 Mbps
802.11n offers up to 300 Mbps

but actual speeds will vary by network.

See this link: