Fast forwarding & chapters

Is there any way of getting the player to skip through preset chapters or at least speed up the seek time, i know it goes up to x16 but its no where near as quick as my cyclone micro 3 player where i can fly through movies til i get to where i want, but this smp its so slow, even selecting the time manually is a ball ache, i cant see how this smp is lacking in such an important feature

Yes, you can skip to chapters via the OPTIONS menu.

Ive checked the menu and theres no option for chapters, all ive seen is the skip to time option on the main play screen

Ok ive just found  a preset 10 min chapter skip on one of my mkv files, all i did was press the ff button, then hit the next button and it auto skips 10 mins, i really didnt know about this feature til ive literally just stumbled across it, it would be easier to use the next button without having to ff first , but tbh im glad ive found this and its better than using the skip to time option :slight_smile:

Lee – that feature is documented in the manual.

If you don’t see “Chapters” under the options menu, then I would guess your video file doesn’t have chapters encoded in them.

Just to check, Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.